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The Young Turks 3 Mar 2020

TYT Hour 1 - March 2nd, 2020


Amy Klobuchar and Pete Buttigieg have dropped out of the 2020 Democratic primary. Ana Kasparian and John Iadarola, hosts of The Young Turks, break it down. Tell us what you think in the comments below.

Health officials warn Labor Day gatherings could worsen coronavirus pandemic, some police departments overhaul use of force training, and teens transform liquor store into food market for community in need.

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00:00 Intro
01:29 Labor Day Warning: Americans Urged To Avoid Crowds
04:20 Biden: Trump Created ‘National Emergency' For Schools
04:48 Tump Attacks Biden At World War II Veterans Event
05:05 Biden To Visit Jacob Blake's Family In Kenosha Tomorrow
05:34 Trump & Biden Campaigns Air Dueling Ads On Violence
06:07 Moderators Announced For 2020 Presidental Debates
06:38 Homeland Security Delayed Report On Russia Targeting Biden
08:31 Putin Rival Poisoned With Nerve Agent, Germany Says
10:20 Nancy Pelosi On Salon Backlash: ‘It Was A Setup'
12:23 Cyberattacks Cripple Remote Learning In Miami-Dade
13:15 Cyber Attacks On Schools Increases As Classes Move Online
14:41 Many Police Departments Overhaul Use Of Force Training
17:04 Ice Bucket Challenge Pays Off In Fight Against ALS
President Trump flown to Walter Reed Medical center after Covid-19 diagnosis, contact tracing underway at the White House, and how former presidents have dealt with health challenges.

Watch "NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt" at 6:30 p.m. ET / 5:30 p.m. CT (or check your local listings).
When, on March 11, 2020, Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, Director-General of the World Health Organization, formally announced that the pathogen known as COVID-19 had developed into a pandemic, it came as little surprise to anyone. By then, from its origins in Wuhan, China, the coronavirus had been spreading internationally for at least two months - already infecting 118,000 people in 114 countries and alarming many more.

As we now know, tens of millions more would eventually be infected and to date, almost a million people have died. More grim milestones are sure to be passed in the months ahead. As things stand, the COVID-19 pandemic is far from over.

Yet back in those early uncertain weeks, as the world was waking to an unprecedented threat, the WHO came under attack for its response to the early stages of the outbreak, from scientists and health administrators, from governments and even heads of state such as United States President Donald Trump.

The WHO is mandated by the United Nations to lead the global response to contagion. But its critics have accused the organisation of failing in that mission and of reacting too slowly to the appearance of the coronavirus. Some have claimed it too readily believed what it was first told by the Chinese government, about the nature and severity of this new disease. Others charged that it had been sluggish in confirming the risk of human-to-human transmission, or in recommending the use of face masks as a means to limit infection.

As these criticisms grew in the late spring and early summer of 2020, a team of Swiss-Italian filmmakers spoke to some of the WHO's detractors and then visited the agency's headquarters in Geneva to investigate whether it could have done more, sooner, to alert the world.
In March of 2020, Colorado passed legislation replacing Columbus Day with Cabrini Day, honoring St. Frances Cabrini. But who was Frances Cabrini? Cabrini was the first American saint, and is known as the patron saint of immigrants. Julia Attaway, Executive Director of the Saint Frances Cabrini Shrine in New York, told Inside Edition Digital, "I don't think you have to be of the Catholic faith to learn from Mother Cabrini. What everyone can learn from her is that you start with love."

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