Euronews 6 Sep 2020

Two French soldiers killed by homemade bomb in northern Mali


The French government has confirmed the deaths of two French soldiers in Mali, after the destruction of their armoured vehicle by an improvised explosive device during an operation in the region of Tessalit in north of country.

Families of American's who were killed by ISIS are calling for terrorists to be tried in the U.S. NBC News' Anna Schecter explains what roles two terrorists played in the death of U.S. hostages.
An inquiry is due to start examining whether the Manchester Arena bombing could have been prevented.

Twenty-two people were killed at the Ariana Grande concert in May 2017 after Salman Abedi detonated a homemade bomb as the gig drew to a close. Abedi also died in the blast.
Family members of a man shot and killed by Ridge Meadows RCMP officers in B.C. a year ago are calling for justice. As Tina Lovgreen reports, they are demanding the independent police watchdog release its findings.
It's a story of resilience, survival, warmth and pure cuteness. A veterinary nurse took in a 6-month-old koala joey named Mini, after her mom was killed by a dog. "Being only 400 grams, she's really tiny. She's only just started to emerge from her mother's pouch," Nurse Jessie Rice told the Associated Press. Now Nurse Rice has stepped in as Mini's full-time caregiver. Inside Edition Digital's Stephanie Officer shares more.

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