CNET 28 Oct 2020

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey's Senate hearing testimony in 18 minutes (supercut)


Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey went before the Senate Commerce Committee hearing on Section 230. Check out the best moments from his testimony.

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg faced questions from the Senate Commerce Committee on foreign election interference, political bias and fake news.
In a contentious hearing, Sundar Pichai reiterates that Google is nonpartisan, as he takes on all kinds of questions about advertisements and censorship.
At a Senate Commerce Committee hearing, Sen. Ted Cruz, R-TX, questioned Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey over the company's alleged censorship an unverified political story from the New York Post related to Democratic nominee Joe Biden.
While speaking at a Senate Judiciary Committee hearing, Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey said that the company labeled about 300,000 tweets during Oct. 27 through Nov. 11 for spreading false or misleading election claims. This accounted for 0.2% of the election-related tweets during that two-week period.

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