Euronews 29 Feb 2020

Turkey warns Russia to 'get out of our way' in northern Syria


The warning came after 33 Turkish soldiers were killed by airstrikes in northern Idlib province on Thursday. Turkey has blamed Russia.…

Wedding season is upon us, but social distancing restrictions means many wedding venues are shut down, leaving couples scrambling to find new ways to celebrate their special day. Could drive-thru weddings be the latest pandemic trend? A court clerk in Gainesville, Florida has found a safe way to officiate wedding ceremonies - and the happy couple doesn't even have to get out of their car. Jess Irby and his team have decorated the parking lot, and he marries couples from behind a glass wall.
The White Helmets, the Syrian opposition civil defense organization, released a video, Wednesday, April 29, showing the aftermath of an explosion in northern Syria that is believed to have killed at least 40 people.

Turkey's Defense Ministry says a fuel tanker exploded, Tuesday, in a crowded market in the opposition controlled town of Afrin.

Turkey's state news agency has cited unnamed security officials who accused Syrian Kurdish fighters as responsible for the attack.

Turkey took control of the town in 2018, believing the Kurdish fighters in control of Afrin prior to be terrorists. (AP)
A new federal program to help small businesses during the coronavirus pandemic is running out of money and falling short in the industries and states most battered by the crisis, according to a report. Stephanie Ruhle discusses. Aired on 4/16/2020.
Adam Schefter joins SportsCenter to discuss the San Francisco 49ers' motivation to potentially trade both of their first-round picks in the 2020 NFL draft and the potential that either the Detroit Lions or New York Giants trade out of their picks on Thursday.

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