NewsNet 9 Nov 2020

Turkey Farmers Worry About Smaller Thanksgiving Gatherings This Year


For many turkey farmers, Thanksgiving is the biggest day of the year as far as revenues are concerned. NewsNet's Danielle Radin reports.

Families across the nation are modifying their Thanksgiving plans this year, including strict safety precautions like using disposable table settings, requiring guests to be tested, and eating outdoors. Medical experts warn that these measures are not enough to prevent spreading the coronavirus.
Thanksgiving is going to look a lot different this year. Health experts do not recommend inviting family or friends over unless you can eat outside and stay socially distant the entire time. Northwell Health's Dr. Eric Pena says that if you have no choice but to eat inside, be sure to open the windows and get a strong air circulation going through the house. Separate households should eat at different tables, and passing food around is a big no!
President-elect Joe Biden urged Americans to "forego" usual Thanksgiving traditions including large Thanksgiving gatherings in order to fight the Coronavirus.
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