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Fox News 7 Jan 2021

Tucker: CNN unveils enemies list


Tucker Carlson takes aim at Anderson Cooper's disdain for people who eat at 'low brow' restaurants. #FoxNews #Tucker

Stephen A. Smith unveils his list of the top 5 teams of the 2020 NFL season following Week 15.
5. Seattle Seahawks
4. Tennessee Titans
3. Buffalo Bills
2. Green Bay Packers
1. Kansas City Chiefs
#FirstTake #NFL

CNN's Jake Tapper lists the ways in which President Donald Trump's presidency helped bring to light issues with our political system.
CNN's Pamela Brown and John Berman discuss the list of people President Trump has just pardoned, including former campaign aide George Papadopoulous, two former US congressmen and others.
Angry CNN activist takes on Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis on vaccine rollout. Fox Tampa Bar Reporter Craig Patrick and Gov. Ron DeSantis join 'Tucker Carlson Tonight' to discus bias media coverage. #FoxNews #Tucker

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