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Fox News 31 Jul 2020

Tucker: CNN omits any mention of China to NBA chief


Former NFL player and Utah congressional candidate Burgess Owens joins Tucker Carlson with insight on 'Tucker Carlson Tonight.'

Taiwan's foreign minister has accused China of trying to turn the island into the next Hong Kong.
Joseph Wu issued the warning on the third day of a visit by the US health secretary.
Al Jazeera's Katrina Yu reports from Beijing, China.
Fmr. Trump aide John Bolton accuses the president of asking for help from China to win re-election, being unaware that the UK has nuclear weapons, and much more. Aired on 6/17/2020.
In this episode of "In The Loop With Christian Bryant" Christian Latest headlines, chaos in Portland, a look back at the H1N1 vaccine hunt, the Trump administration defying a Supreme Court ruling on DACA, the difficulties of remote learning for students with disabilities, and finally, the knighting of Captain Tom Moore.

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The U.S. ordered China to close its Houston consulate in what a Chinese official called an outrageous and unjustified move. Media reports in Houston said that authorities had responded to reports of a fire at the Chinese Consulate late Tuesday. (July 22)

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