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Sky News 22 Nov 2020

TUC: Public sector pay freeze would be 'morally obscene'


Frances O'Grady, general secretary of the Trades Union Congress, says the public sector workers that "kept Britain going" during the pandemic should be rewarded for it.

She said a potential public sector pay freeze - which amounts to a pay cut, due to inflation - would re-introduce austerity for the "people that put their health and, in some cases, lives on the line to help the rest of us".

Speaking to Sophy Ridge, Ms O'Grady called it "bad economics", refusing to rule out strike action.

The Chancellor Rishi Sunak has announced a public sector pay freeze, excepting NHS workers, and a cut to foreign aid spending to cushion the blow of the coronavirus pandemic.

The OBR - the Office for Budget Responsibility - has forecast a 11.3% contraction in the UK economy this year - the largest fall in output for more than 300 years.

And UK is borrowing forecast to reach £394bn this year - that's equivalent to 19% of GDP.

Listen to Mr Sunak explain the condition the economy is in.
The Shadow Business Secretary has said she's worried the country has lost "two weeks" of progress resetting the virus because of the "the psycho-dramas going on in Number 10".

Speaking to Sophy Ridge, Lucy Powell said a public sector pay freeze would be a "kick in the teeth" for key workers and that it would be "wrong" to cut back on public finances at this time.
New research by the European Trade Union Confederation shows that the EU's gender pay gap won't be eliminated until 2104, with countries like France not closing it for over 1000 years.
Stephen A. Smith weighs in on the disgruntled players in the Dallas Cowboys' locker room and says he wouldn't be surprised if head coach Mike McCarthy gets fired before the end of the season.
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