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Associated Press 22 Aug 2020

Trump's distortion on Democrats and the pledge


President Donald Trump is accusing the Democrats of taking God out of the Pledge of Allegiance at their national convention. He's distorting what happened. (Aug. 22)

Presidential candidate Joe Biden traveled to Wilmington, Delaware, to deliver remarks on wildfires and the climate crisis. At least 35 people have died this week in Oregon, Washington and California from the wildfires that continue to ravage the western states.

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Chris Hayes discusses why Democrats and the press should never, ever, ever, ever worry or take Republicans seriously when they complain about giving people "free stuff." Aired on 10/23/2020.
CGTN's Roee Ruttenberg speaks with Mary C. Curtis, host of the podcast ‘Equal Time with Mary C. Curtis' and Columnist with Roll Call, about the effects of U.S. President Donald Trump's coronavirus diagnosis on the presidential campaign.
Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden plans to deliver remarks Friday on the economic fallout from the coronavirus pandemic.

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