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Huffington Post 24 Mar 2020

Trump Wants To Reopen The Economy Despite Coronavirus


Against the advice of medical professionals, President Donald Trump wants to scale back social distancing and reopen the economy in the middle of the coronavirus pandemic.

President Trump said he wanted to reopen the economy by Easter during a town hall hosted by Fox News on March 24.
President Donald Trump says he would like the United States to revive economic activity soon despite issuing guidelines to curb unnecessary travel last week, as deaths from the coronavirus hit 100 on Monday.
He says the US "was not built to be shut down" and analysts say Trump is concerned that Americans will vote him out in November if the economy has not recovered by then.
The US is reeling as lockdowns in the country threaten millions of jobs and legislators failed to pass a more than $1-trillion rescue package.

Al Jazeera's Heidi Zhou-Castro reports Maryland.
President Trump calls into 'Hannity' to discuss the coronavirus' effect on the economy, upcoming election and partisan politics. #FoxNews #Hannity

FOX News operates the FOX News Channel (FNC),
US President Donald Trump announces the US will be invoking the Defence Production Act to prevent the spread of coronavirus

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