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CBS News 21 May 2020

Trump visiting Ford plant in battleground state of Michigan


President Trump is visiting a Ford plant in Michigan today that has been making medical supplies during the coronavirus outbreak. CBS News campaign reporters Nicole Sganga and Adam Brewster joined CBSN with more on the president's visit to this key battleground state ahead of the November election.

Former Vice President Joe Biden maintains a lead over President Donald Trump in the latest polls of battleground states.
Donald Trump has admitted that the US is in the "midst of a great national trial'" over the spread of the coronavirus.
Former VP Joe Biden is leading the president by eight points in the key battleground states of Pennsylvania and in Michigan, according to new polling. The panel discusses the new numbers. Aired on 04/23/2020.
During a visit to a Ford plant in Michigan, President Trump explained to reporters why he was still not wearing a mask.

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