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Associated Press 28 Oct 2020

Trump: virus treatment made me feel like Superman


President Donald Trump spoke during a campaign rally in Arizona on Wednesday about his experience contracting COVID-19, saying he "felt like superman" after receiving an experimental antibody cocktail. (Oct. 28)

Dr. Murtaza Akhter says an experimental drug used to treat President Donald Trump for COVID-19 is "not a cure" despite what the president says. Trump was treated with Regeneron's antibody drug and he credited it with improving his health. (Oct. 8)
CGTN's Roee Ruttenberg speaks with Dr. Calvin Sun, a Physician and Clinical Assistant Professor in Emergency Medicine, about U.S. President Donald Trump's coronavirus treatments.
Mexico, like so many other countries, is struggling with high-numbers of COVID-19 contaminations. It has surpassed a million cases and about 100,000 deaths. The federal government there is leaving it up to Mexican states to decide what measures to take to contain the spread of the virus. CGTN's Franc Contreras reports.
President Trump and first lady Melania Trump tested positive for the coronavirus, the president tweeted early Friday. CBS News White House correspondent Weijia Jiang joins CBSN Los Angeles to discuss the latest from the White House.

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