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Inside Edition 13 Jan 2021

Trump Reportedly Cut Off From Last Banks to Loan Him Money


The Trump brand seems to be losing its luster as more businesses around the world are cutting ties with the president to distance themselves from the insurrection he allegedly incited. Deutsche Bank, one of Trump's biggest and last lenders, will reportedly stop doing business with him. Signature Bank says it's closing the president's personal accounts and calling for his resignation. The PGA said it was stripping Trump's golf club from hosting next year's championship, which "gutted" him.

Astonishing new evidence of a desperate President Donald Trump caught on tape trying to steal the election exposes the depth of his corruption and makes his Republican Capitol Hill allies complicit in his bid to thwart the will of voters.
In a fresh abuse of power, Trump tried to bully a top Georgia GOP official into finding votes to overturn President-elect Joe Biden's win in the state. The staggering telephone call, audio of which was obtained by CNN and first reported by The Washington Post, amounted to the most serious threat yet posed by his authoritarian instincts to American democracy.
Even before the latest outrage, this week already marked a watershed moment for Biden's coming presidency, a ruptured Republican Party and the integrity of the US political system
A GOP attempt, for example, to block Congress' certification of Biden's win based on lies and false conspiracy theories about fraud on Wednesday has no chance of succeeding because of the Democratic majority in the House and the lack of a majority to overturn the results in the Senate. But it will further convince millions of Trump voters that the election was rigged. Scores of GOP lawmakers plan to choose the vanquished President and his voters over the cherished principles of free elections in a fracturing that will have lasting consequences for the GOP and the nation.

The aftermath of the riot on Capitol Hill has left Donald Trump increasingly isolated, in both the political and financial spheres. Deutsche Bank is reportedly cutting ties with the outgoing president - and the Trump Organization - after decades of business, while corporate donors are turning away from his Republican supporters. 
President Donald #Trump pressured #Georgia's Republican secretary of state to "find" enough #votes to overturn Joe Biden's win in the state's presidential election, repeatedly citing disproven claims of fraud and raising the prospect of a "criminal offense" if officials did not change the vote count, according to a recording of the conversation. FRANCE 24's International Affairs Editor Armen Georgia explains.
Off duty police officers from Capitol Hill and D.C. Metro lined the street to watch the procession for fallen Capitol Police officer Brian Sicknick, who died after being injured during a pro-Trump riot.

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