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Newsmax TV 15 Oct 2020

Trump rages over 'half-shot, China-loving' Biden at Greenville, NC rally


President Donald Trump slams Hunter Biden for his emails to 'his guy', pounces on 'Sleepy' Joe Biden, previews his Miami town hall and celebrates the people of Greenville, North Carolina - via Newsmax TV's special rally coverage

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As Joe Biden and President Donald Trump spar over health care, moderator Chris Wallace tries to keep the president from interrupting.
President Trump comes out swinging against many familiar targets at his rally in Greenville, North Carolina.
Emerging at the top of the Supreme Court steps on Thursday, President Donald Trump heard something he doesn't often hear -- at least directed toward him: booing.
"Vote him out," crowds began chanting when Trump appeared before the flag-draped coffin containing the late Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, who died last week after a long bout with cancer.
With his face concealed behind a mask -- another rarity for the President, who does not often wear one in public -- Trump glanced over to where the crowd had gathered nearby. His wife, first lady Melania Trump, looked straight ahead.
The chants grew louder as the Trumps stood before the coffin, framed by massive Corinthian columns. After a few moments standing silently, the pair returned to their limousine and drove back to the White House. Outside the Oval Office, Trump was seen in animated conversation with top aides, including chief of staff Mark Meadows.

Supporters of President Trump at last night's rally in Michigan are asked why they are not wearing masks.

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