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CBS News 12 Jul 2019

Trump on Mueller testimony: "How many bites at the apple do you need?"


CBS News White House correspondent Paula Reid questioned President Trump about the upcoming Capitol Hill testimony from Robert Mueller on the findings of the special counsel investigation.

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President Trump continues to insist Robert Mueller's Russia investigation was a "witch hunt" and a "hoax." After Mueller testified on Capitol Hill about his findings, Mr. Trump called the special counsel probe "three years of embarrassment for our country." Watch his remarks.
On his way to another campaign-style rally where he attacked the 2020 Democrats, Trump dismissed Mueller's warnings about Russia meddling in the 2020 election when asked by a reporter. Joining to discuss that is Philip Rucker, Joyce Vance, and Philip Mudd.
In what was billed as a health care policy roll out, President Trump fielded questions on everything from Robert Mueller's possible testimony before Congress to ongoing trade negotiations with China. He said the attorney general will decide whether Mueller should testify before Congress, and said he was "very surprised" by the Senate Intelligence Committee subpoenaing Donald Trump Jr. to testify.

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