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Voice of America 21 May 2020

Trump Makes Coronavirus Response Partisan Election Issue


After initially acknowledging the authority of U.S. states to decide how best to mitigate the coronavirus outbreak, President Donald Trump has been encouraging anti-lockdown protests against Democratic governors in battleground states he needs to win to be reelected in November. As VOA's Brian Padden reports, the president's critics accuse Trump of trying to exploit the pandemic response for political gain, while supporters say Trump is channeling the frustration of American workers.

Nancy Cook of POLITICO discusses the response to the coronavirus pandemic from the Trump White House as states across the nation push the federal government to do more as the U.S. death toll nears 3,000. Aired on 3/30/20.
Democratic frontrunner Joe Biden joins MSNBC's Brian Williams and reacts to the delayed response to the coronavirus by the Trump administration.
Former President Obama called the Trump administration's response to the coronavirus pandemic "an absolute chaotic disaster" during a Friday night phone conference with thousands of Obama alumni.
"The president has probably saved a million to 2 million Americans from a very horrible death."

Sen. Lindsey Graham said to the Trump campaign on Saturday that President Trump's actions on the coronavirus saved lives.

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