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Newsmax TV 6 Oct 2020

Trump is home at last


Grant Stinchfield examines the bias media coverage of President Donald Trump's return to the White House and what steps must be taken to ensure the president safely recovers.

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Retired four star general Barry McCaffrey and former Defense Secretary William Cohen join Andrea Mitchell to react to reporting from the Atlantic that President Trump called Americans who died in war "losers" and "suckers." General McCaffrey says that Trump "is a man of many fears" who "can't understand the millions of veterans who have stepped forward to fight and defend this country." Secretary Cohen adds that "almost everything he has done has proven that he is unfit to serve." Aired on 09/04/2020.
President Trump announced an agreement with CVS and Walgreens to help deliver coronavirus vaccines to those in nursing homes at no cost when they are available while speaking in Florida.
Joe Scarborough reads from the president's Thursday RNC speech, looking at his remarks on protests in Kenosha and says Trump is trying to run as the challenger and not the incumbent. Aired on 08/28/2020.
Joy Reid has a warning when it comes to hearing what President Trump has to say on recent violence: Beware of politicians preying on tribal loyalties, especially the current president. Joy says, "If Trump wanted to end the violence in American cities, he could simply go on his Twitter feed and tell his supporters to go home … But Trump is openly doing the opposite: encouraging more violence and cowing his party into refusing to condemn the violence, while his media friends laude the Kenosha shooter." Aired on 08/31/2020.

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