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BBC News 8 Nov 2019

Trump impeachment: What you might have missed


There were a lot of developments in the impeachment inquiry into President Donald Trump this week. But what are the key takeaways? BBC's North America reporter Anthony Zurcher breaks it down.

Produced by Chloe Kim and Bella McShane

CNN's Boris Sanchez had a spirited exchange with Bikers for Trump Founder Chris Cox over his claims on the coronavirus pandemic and its origins.
After a person was shot and killed amid dueling protests in Portland on Saturday, the city's mayor, Ted Wheeler, pleaded for an end to the violence and slammed President Trump for his rhetoric. Do you seriously wonder why this is the first time in decades America has seen this level of violence? It's you who have created the hate and division," Wheeler said to Mr. Trump. Watch his remarks.
Beneath its icy surface, Saturn's icy moon Enceladus has many surprises: a reservoir of liquid water, organic chemical compounds, and hydrothermal vents. Find out what you need to know about Enceladus, an ocean world which may have conditions friendly to life.
Dr. Jen Ashton shares some facts you might not know about the acclaimed immunologist.

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