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Fox Business Network 3 Apr 2019

Trump: I'm not concerned about possible Chinese spying at Mar-a-Lago


After a military briefing, President Trump tells the press that he is not concerned about China possibly spying on Mar-a-Lago.

President Trump acknowledged his concern about the conditions of migrant detainee facilities at the U.S.-Mexico border during an Oval Office event.
President Trump told reporters that he is "not concerned" about the testimony that has been released from the House's impeachment inquiry. Aired on 11/08/19.
President Donald Trump says he's not concerned about depositions from current and former administration officials in the ongoing impeachment inquiry. CNN's Joe Johns reports on the President's comments to reporters before departing to Atlanta, meanwhile Daniel Dale and Abby Phillip share analysis and fact-checking with Kate Bolduan.
As President Donald Trump delivered a speech about criminal justice to a room full of political allies at the historically black college Benedict College, in Columbia, S.C., most students were reportedly asked to stay in their dorms.

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