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Los Angeles Times 4 Nov 2020

Trump falsely claims he won the election, makes unsubstantiated claims of fraud


In an extraordinary 2:30 a.m. appearance at the White House, President Trump falsely claimed the pending outcome was "a fraud on the American public" and "embarrassment on our country."

President Trump spoke to a group of supporters at the White House in the early morning hours Wednesday. Mr. Trump rolled off a list of incomplete voting totals in states that have not yet been called, falsely claimed he won the election and said he would ask the Supreme Court to intervene in the continuing counting of ballots. No call had been made at the time of his comments. Watch his remarks here.
In one of his few public appearances since his election defeat, Donald Trump said, without evidence, that 'big pharma' had used negative advertising against him.

Speaking in a White House news briefing, he said: "We won by the way - 70 million votes," before claiming without presenting any evidence, that Democrats "found some ballots...to deter us from doing what is right for the American people".

But, the president refused to take any questions.

Sky News US correspondent Cordelia Lynch takes a look at the man who refuses to concede the presidency.
In his first public comments in a week, President Trump falsely claimed he won the election during a briefing on drug prices.
What's next for President Donald Trump if he officially loses the election and Joe Biden is inaugurated president in January? Former White House communications director Anthony Scaramucci told Inside Edition he thought Trump could launch a television show or channel in the future. Trump family biographer Gwenda Blair says his sole purpose after leaving the White House would be to make money. Barbara Res, former vice president of the Trump Organization, thinks he could leave the country.

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