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CBS News 18 Feb 2020

Trump faces GOP opposition on plan for "merit-based" immigration


President Trump is making immigration a centerpiece of his reelection platform. But some of his plans are meeting resistance within the Republican Party, where lawmakers don't all support his push for "merit-based" immigration. The president is also under fire for the huge cost of the border wall. Politico's White House correspondent Anita Kumar joins CBSN to discuss the subject of her two recent articles.

President Trump, Treasury Secretary Mnuchin, the SBA Administrator and Ivanka Trump will participate in "America CARES: Small Business Relief Update".

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President Trump met with Republicans on Capitol Hill to discuss a proposed payroll tax cut to help add an economic stimulus amid the coronavirus outbreak. CBS News' Nancy Cordes and Weijia Jiang joined CBSN to discuss the plan.
The New York Times' Mara Gay was left "almost speechless" when President Trump said he doubted the need for the amount of ventilators requested by New York to combat the coronavirus outbreak. Aired on 3/27/2020.
President Trump's new Middle East peace plan is making its way around the world, winning praise and support from some parts of Europe. One America's Jack Posobiec sat down with Hungary's foreign minister to learn more.

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