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CBS News 22 Jul 2020

Trump deploys more federal agents to cities in effort to crack down on violence


President Trump on Wednesday announced he would deploy federal agents to some U.S. cities, part of an effort to crack down on a rise in violence. But the move is getting push back from several mayors. CBS News correspondent Skyler Henry joined CBSN to discuss.

Police in a far eastern Russian city detained several dozen protesters on Saturday, the first such crackdown since rallies against the arrest of the provincial governor started three months ago.

Khabarovsk Governor Sergei Furgal was arrested on July 9 on suspicion of involvement in killings and taken to jail in Moscow.

Furgal, a former businessman, denied the charges, which his supporters say are a vendetta by his rivals.

Since his arrest thousands of demonstrators have regularly rallied in Khabarovsk, a city of 600,000 near the border with China, with attendance peaking on weekends.

The protests are a strong challenge to the Russian government, which usually doesn't hesitate to disperse unsanctioned demonstrations. The authorities' reluctance to use force appeared to reflect concerns of provoking even wider discontent as well as hopes that the demonstrations will eventually fizzle.

But the regular demonstrations in Khabarovsk have continued, and their participants have increasingly adopted a broader agenda challenging President Vladimir Putin's rule.

Police in Russia's Far East broke up a long-running anti-Kremlin protest with force on Saturday, October 10, detaining 25 people according to local authorities, in response to what they called an illegal attempt to erect protest tents in a central square.

The demonstrations, in the city of Khabarovsk, have been going on for the last three months against President Vladimir Putin's handling of a regional political crisis.

Baton-wielding police wearing body armor hauled protesters away, dragging or carrying them to police vehicles.

Residents of Khabarovsk, about 6,110 km (3,800 miles) east of Moscow, started holding weekly rallies after the July 9 detention of Sergei Furgal, the region's popular governor, on murder charges that he denies.

The protests have highlighted anger among some in the Far East over what they see as policies emanating from detached Moscow-based authorities who have neglected them for years.

Acting DHS Deputy Secretary Ken Cuccinelli addresses unrest and deadly violence in Portland, Oregon.
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