Euronews 13 Aug 2019

Trump delays tariffs on China


The US President justified his decision because of Christmas season.…

While the United States and China have said that they are both open to resuming talks in order to put an end to the ongoing trade war, President Trump has recently announced plans to place additional tariffs on Chinese goods. RT America's Rachel Blevins has the latest.

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President Trump is considering a new round of tariffs on China after Beijing's decision to impose sixty billion dollars in new taxes on American products.
President Trump announced that he will be imposing additional tariffs on China. He is expected to put 10% tariffs on another $300 billion worth of Chinese goods. CBS News White House correspondent Ben Tracy joins CBSN with details.
President Donald Trump intensified pressure on China to reach a trade deal by saying he will impose 10% tariffs Sept. 1 on the remaining Chinese imports he hasn't already taxed. The move immediately sent stock prices sinking. (Aug. 1)

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