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Huffington Post 17 Sep 2020

Trump Contradicts Experts On COVID-19 Vaccine Timeline


President Donald Trump claimed that a COVID-19 vaccine would be available as soon as October, contradicting the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention director's congressional testimony that it would be ready by mid-2021.

"Rhetoric only goes so far Abuse of power is a virus."

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo slammed division in America, referring to President Trump, in remarks on a COVID-19 vaccine at Riverside Church in New York City on Sunday.
New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo spoke about President Trump's threat to withhold the COVID-19 vaccine from New York.
Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Laurie Garrett tells Lawrence O'Donnell that she's worried that the Trump administration is not sharing, as part of the transition, their Covid-19 vaccine distribution strategy with President-elect Joe Biden's team. Aired on 11/13/2020.
Pfizer is expanding its COVID-19 vaccine trial to include minors, since children as well as adults are susceptible to the virus. Dr. Dyan Hes, a pediatrician in New York City, joined CBSN with more on that plus safety tips for celebrating Halloween in the pandemic.

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