MSNBC 25 Jul 2020

Trump Attacks The Rule Of Law. Critics Say It's Time To Use 'The F Word: Fascism'


Demonizing and stripping the rights of certain groups (like immigrants, protesters, and people of color). Unlawful search and seizure by federal forces (in multiple cities). Jailing those who could damage efforts to stay in power (like Michael Cohen) and freeing those who break the law on your behalf (Roger Stone and Michael Flynn). Attacking institutions (like the free press and the inspector general system). Mehdi Hassan and other commentators argue that it's time to call the behavior of President Trump

Judge Amy Coney Barrett discussed the decision to accept the nomination to the Supreme Court. "I'm committed to the rule of law," she said and asserted "I should serve my country."
MEPs have urged European leaders to link future EU payouts to respect for rule of law in member states.
In recent years, citizens of EU countries have taken to the streets, protesting against what they saw as democratic backsliding. The European Commission has introduced ways to limit regression on rule of law. We explain the issue that is shaking the EU's foundations.
What started out as a seemingly normal Commission proposal back in May 2018, turned into a battle between two of the EU's three institutions, after the pandemic rewrote the rules of nearly everything it touched.

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