MSNBC 24 Mar 2020

Trump Appears To Weigh Saving Economy Against Saving Lives From COVID-19 - Day That Was


"We cannot let the cure be worse than the problem," President Trump said repeatedly on Monday, referring to economic losses incurred by social distancing measures. At a briefing, he contradicted experts who say weeks or months of such measures will be needed to prevent widespread deaths and overwhelmed hospitals. That raises the question - how many deaths is Trump willing to accept in the name of restarting the economy? Aired on 3/23/2020.

President Donald Trump issued nearly a dozen pardons and commutations on Tuesday, many for crimes of which he stands accused. One recipient of clemency, former Illinois governor and 'Celebrity Apprentice' contestant Rod Blagojevich, had been sentenced to 14 years in prison for trying to solicit bribes in exchange for President Obama's former Senate seat. Former NYC police commissioner and Giuliani associate Bernard Kerik received a pardon after serving a 4-year sentence in prison for 8 felonies, including tax fraud. Former San Francisco 49ers owner Eddie DeBartolo Jr. was pardoned of a decades-old corruption charge. Aired on 2/18/20.
Everyday life continues to change for people across the country as COVID-19 spreads. Chuck Todd says, "For many of us, it's hard to fully grasp how suddenly, and dramatically, our daily lives have changed as we've climbed this curve."
Against the advice of medical professionals, President Donald Trump wants to scale back social distancing and reopen the economy in the middle of the coronavirus pandemic.
President Trump hands Nancy Pelosi a copy of his State of the Union address, appears to reject an offered handshake from the House speaker. #FoxNews

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