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Fox Sports 24 Nov 2020

Troy Aikman, Jimmy Johnson look back on 1990s Cowboys' biggest characters


The 1990s Dallas Cowboys dynasty had plenty of characters on their team. Hear who quarterback Troy Aikman and head coach Jimmy Johnson remember as being the biggest characters on those squads.

The Dallas Cowboys have long been a feature on Thanksgiving day NFL football, but one game in particular stood out to both Jimmy Johnson and Troy Aikman. Hear them relive the 1993 game in the snow against the Miami Dolphins.
Hear what former Dallas Cowboys legends, Troy Aikman and Jimmy Johnson, think about the Cowboys' Thanksgiving Day Game against the division-rival Washington Football Team.
In a year that has been unlike any other, former Dallas Cowboys legends and NFL Hall of Famers, Troy Aikman and Jimmy Johnson, get together to chat about what they're thankful for.
A year on from those initial reports of an unknown disease in Wuhan in China, vaccines now offer humanity hope.

But what more do we now know about COVID-19? Might changes in our behaviours be here to stay? And is science now a little sexy?

On this edition of the Sky News Daily podcast with Dermot Murnaghan, we are joined by our science correspondent Thomas Moore and Ashish Joshi, Sky's health correspondent as we reflect on an unprecedented year and look ahead to 2021.

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