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Voice of America 22 Feb 2020

Trains Not Stopping in Codogno, Italy, Amid Coronavirus Fears


Train stations are closed in the Italian region of Lombardy, as it goes into lockdown over coronavirus fears, Saturday, February 22.
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As the world draws its attention to the coronavirus pandemic, other crises have not gone away.
The plight of asylum seekers stuck on the Turkish-Greek border, the situation for undocumented migrants on Greek islands, the suffering of those without homes… continue.
And these communities are likely to be particularly affected by what has become an unprecedented crisis.
Euronews' international correspondent Anelise Borges reports.
As the coronavirus outbreak worsens in Latin America, Colombia has extended its nationwide quarantine for a further two weeks until April 27.
That means many people cannot get to work, including the Venezuelan migrants who fled to Colombia and elsewhere because of the economic crisis in their country.
Now hundreds of them, bereft of work, are heading home.

Al Jazeera's Lucia Newman reports.

A yoga instructor leads a class for homeless people in New Delhi, Thursday, April 9, at a sports complex serving as a temporary shelter. India is under a government-imposed nationwide lockdown aimed at stemming the spread of COVID-19.
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Germany has welcomed the first group of unaccompanied minors to arrive from refugee camps in Greece. The process has been delayed as a result of the coronavirus pandemic. With Greece facing a crisis within a crisis - increased migration and a global health emergency at the same time - EU member states are taking some of the pressure off. Germany will host 350 children and young people. In total, 1500 will be resettled across Europe in the coming months.

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