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Touring A Cascades Home Designed to Feel Like Summer Camp


Bill Broadhead says his family's second home - what he calls "Mid-Century mountain" - works best when it is full of guests. Beyond its six bedrooms and a bunk room that sleeps 13, common areas give guests plenty of room to spread out and enjoy the views. He gives us a tour.

Photo: Bill Broadhead

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Joe Biden tells NBC News' Mike Memoli he feels like he is "going home" as he heads towards the White House for the first time as president. Aired on 01/20/2021.
With some states only receiving fewer Pfizer vaccine doses they were expecting, MSNBC medical contributor Dr. Kavita Patel shares how frontline workers are feeling about the potential they may not get the vaccine for several weeks. Aired on 12/18/2020.
California has told 27 million residents to stay home via emergency alert on their cell phones. The alert was triggered by a huge spike in new cases, more than 23,500 per day, which authorities believe is the start of the long-feared Thanksgiving weekend surge. In Britain, the rollout of the vaccine is going off without a hitch, though two people did suffer allergic reactions. Americans who refuse the vaccine run the risk of being fired, as many companies are expected to require it of employees.
Ports and food factories in Europe have expressed their concern in trying to prepare for what happens post Brexit in a deal and no deal scenario.

Tom Hautekiet, CEO at Zeebrugge Port said: "I have the feeling I'm preparing for a hurricane."

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