Euronews 22 Feb 2020

Tough border control awaits migrants attempting to reach EU from Bosnia


Migrants attempting to reach the European Union through Bosnia and Herzegovina have a dangerous journey ahead of them.…

With hundreds of millions of people worldwide forced to stay indoors, entertainers, especially musicians, are finding it tough to reach the masses.
So they are going online, saying they hope their beats can ease the pressures of isolation.

Al Jazeera's Rosiland Jordan reports from Washington, DC.
Germany has taken another major step towards returning to normalcy after months of coronavirus restrictions. Starting today, Germany is relaxing checks at its borders with Austria, France and Switzerland. It's also lifting border controls with Luxembourg. Authorities say that if they can keep the virus in check, Germans could resume free travel within the EU by mid-June - just in time for the summer holidays. Austria is also moving forward with the easing of coronavirus restrictions. On Friday, the country took an important symbolic step by reopening its restaurants and traditional Viennese cafes. But strict safety guidelines will have to be observed -- it's the new normal in the age of COVID-19.
Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton says he expects the state's near-total ban on abortion during the coronavirus outbreak to reach the Supreme Court. CBS News reporter Kate Smith joined CBSN to talk about her exclusive interview with Paxton.
UK supply shortage: Top gov't diplomat says decision not to join EU scheme was 'political'.

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