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Top lawyer explains ongoing ballot chaos


Lawyer and political commentator Tom Spencer reacts to several chaotic ballot and early voting-related headlines from across the country, and examines what these stories could mean for the eventual outcome of the 2020 Presidential Election, - with Newsmax TV's John Bachman

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Chris Hayes: "Philadelphia's top elections official warned there could be tens of thousands of votes being thrown out. So, we are trying to do our part to make sure everyone's vote counts." Aired on 09/22/2020.
Mail-in votes will hit a record high due to the Covid crisis this year, and with close races in various states for the presidency the mail-in-ballot debate continues. Was the ballot received on time? Was the signature valid? Was the ballot solicited? Steve Forbes on the Supreme Court decision that could guarantee chaos when counting the votes next month.

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The Justice Department said that it is investigating "potential issues with mail-in ballots" in the swing state of Pennsylvania and, in a highly unusual disclosure, revealed that several ballots marked for President Donald Trump were "discarded."
US Attorney David Freed said a preliminary inquiry determined that nine "military ballots were discarded" and that seven of them "were cast for presidential candidate Donald Trump." The incident occurred in Luzerne County, a swing county in northeastern Pennsylvania that is home to Wilkes-Barre. Trump flipped the county in 2016 after years of narrow Democratic wins.
The statement was highly unusual because it highlighted the fact that the ballots were marked for Trump -- which immediately raised suspicions that the Justice Department was trying to furnish material that Trump could promote for political gain. Indeed, Trump and other White House aides used the information, even before it was made public, to attack mail-in voting.
Election officials go to extraordinary lengths to protect ballot secrecy. It's unclear how investigators figured out who the votes were for, and why they made that information public.
Additionally, the Justice Department typically does not comment about ongoing investigations, though there are rules allowing it when there is a public interest at stake, like election integrity.
The federal probe was apparently triggered by a request from Luzerne County District Attorney Stefanie Salavantis, a Republican who announced Tuesday that federal investigators were assisting with an election issue. Freed, also a Republican, was appointed by Trump in 2017. A spokesperson for Salavantis told CNN that the nine affected ballots are for the general election. Many military and overseas ballots were sent out last weekend.

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