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RT America 8 Nov 2019

Tomorrow's robots may want to kill you


The Pentagon is developing robots with the capability of following orders without close human supervision. The goal is to have autonomous robots that act as soldiers. But theoretical physicist Michio Kaku warns that robots will one day become "as smart as monkeys" and will possess "murderous thoughts about humans." Investigative journalist Ben Swann joins Steve Malzberg (in for Scottie Nell Hughes) to discuss the implications.

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Front founder and 30 Under 30 alumna Mathilde Collin is not your typical entrepreneur. As a French woman, she brings qualities to her leadership that American founders lack, and because of that her company is thriving.
Coast Guard Lieutenant Christopher Hasson will appear in federal court today. He's accused of making a list of prominent Americans he wanted to kill. Stephanie Ruhle is joined by NBC's Hans Nichols and former FBI Special Agent Michael German to discuss the chilling details the FBI uncovered.
Hyundai announced it is introducing a "Digital Key" that "allows users to unlock and start their Hyundai vehicle via their smartphone."

The system can be programmed to work with up to four phones. It will use near-field communication (NFC) technology to detect whether the approved phone is close to the vehicle's door.
Elijah Daniel temporarily bought the unincorporated community of Hell in Michigan and changed its name to "Gay Hell" for Pride Month. Here are other instances in which people have bought towns.

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