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RT America 8 Nov 2019

Tomorrow's robots may want to kill you


The Pentagon is developing robots with the capability of following orders without close human supervision. The goal is to have autonomous robots that act as soldiers. But theoretical physicist Michio Kaku warns that robots will one day become "as smart as monkeys" and will possess "murderous thoughts about humans." Investigative journalist Ben Swann joins Steve Malzberg (in for Scottie Nell Hughes) to discuss the implications.

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And with Microsoft xCloud support, it wants to be your gaming tablet, too.
US President Donald Trump said he's considering banning the popular video app TikTok from the country. Reports indicate he's also considering the option of forcing the app's owner, Chinese firm ByteDance, to sell it. Microsoft is reportedly in talks to acquire TikTok's US operations. US officials say TikTok could pose a national security threat, amid concerns that China could access the data it collects. Are there other reasons Trump may want to get rid of TikTok? TikTok's general manager for its US market, Vanessa Pappas, said the company "not planning on going anywhere."
MSNBC's Joy Reid notes that Michelle Obama's speech was about how Donald Trump wasn't capable of performing the duties of president, and her message was 'Come with me if you want to live.' Aired on 8/17/2020.
"You don't want to address real issues -- too busy defunding the police, too busy not denouncing the mob that's running so many of our cities. This is all about politics."

Rep. Jim Jordan railed against Democrats during remarks on the House floor on Saturday amid a vote on legislation to boost funding for the Post Office.

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