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RT America 8 Nov 2019

Tomorrow's robots may want to kill you


The Pentagon is developing robots with the capability of following orders without close human supervision. The goal is to have autonomous robots that act as soldiers. But theoretical physicist Michio Kaku warns that robots will one day become "as smart as monkeys" and will possess "murderous thoughts about humans." Investigative journalist Ben Swann joins Steve Malzberg (in for Scottie Nell Hughes) to discuss the implications.

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Dancing robots and drones are taking over the internet! Boston Dynamics has released another video of their robots in action, this time doing some fancy footwork to the 1962 Contours song "Do You Love Me." In Scotland, organizers say they put together the largest choreographed drone swarm in the UK, with 150 drones going up to 25 miles per hour, for the traditional end-of-year celebration, Hogmanay. Inside Edition Digital's TC Newman has more.
Diamond and Silk react to the tense physical situations they've seen Trump supporters be subjected to recently, as well as reports that numerous Governors and Mayors are considering a second round of lock-downs for their communities. - via Diamond and Silk Crystal Clear, Saturdays at 6:30PM ET on Newsmax TV
Walmart, America's largest grocer, launched a primary care clinic called Walmart Health, in September 2019. Analysts say the big box retailer faces several hurdles in its quest to scale up nationally with a roster of highly paid doctors and dentists. But with more than 35 million people uninsured as of 2019, and millions more with high deductible health plans, could Walmart Health's low price point be the future of healthcare in America?
France is mourning former French President Valéry Giscard d'Estaing, who died Wednesday, aged 94 after contacting Covid-19. ‘Giscard', as he was known, was in office during only one term, from 1974 to 1981, but his political impact was big, especially among the European Union as pushed for European integration. "He clearly wanted to build a progressive society in France, with the principles that came out of the May 1968 movement", Professor Paul Smith analyses.

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