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CGTN America 7 May 2020

Tips to cooking up healthy meals during lockdown


Asieh Namdar spoke to cook, food blogger and author of "The Enchantingly Easy Persian Cookbook" Shadi Hasanzadenemati for health tips.

A personal chef provides seven young friars-in-training with the comfort of a homemade meal during the lockdown in Milan, Italy. (May 22)
Around 1.3 million children in England will be able to claim vouchers for free school meals during the summer holidays, following a campaign led by the Manchester United footballer Marcus Rashford.

Ministers had previously said they would not agree to free school meals vouchers outside term time.

The prime minister Boris Johnson praised Mr Rashford's "contribution to the debate around poverty".

Scotland and Wales will also continue with a voucher programme while Northern Ireland is considering an extension.

Huw Edwards presents BBC News at Ten reporting from Political Correspondent Vicki Young and Sports Correspondent Sally Nugent.
Virginia resident's peculiar hobby keeps both her and her neighbors together — in spirit — during the pandemic
Deliveries of groceries, packages and take-out food is at an all time high during the pandemic, meaning we rely on delivery people more to keep our lives functioning. But many delivery workers rely on tips to make ends meet, and some are saying that customers have been less than generous. One Instacart shopper says she was stiffed on a $55 tip. We spoke with etiquette expert Thomas Farley about why tipping during pandemic is so important. He recommends tipping double what you usually would.

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