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Sky News 3 Jun 2020

Tinie Tempah calls for all officers involved in George Floyd's death to be 'held to account'


Musician Tinie Tempah talks about the pain of George Floyd's death, calling for all of the officers present to be held to account.

Speaking about Donald Trump's response to the US protests, he said: "The tear-gassing of individuals, the rubber bullets being used on individuals - I definitely think that's not the way forward."

A grocery store worker called police to report a man used a counterfeit $20 bill, leading to the confrontation that ended in George Floyd's death. As Moustafa Bayoumi, a professor at Brooklyn College, explains, nuisance abatement laws force shop owners to act as "third party police." He joined CBSN to discuss how these laws disproportionately impact minority communities.
Former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin angled to plead guilty on federal and civil rights charges for murdering Floyd.
The four former police officers charged in connection with George Floyd's death appeared in court on Tuesday.

A Minneapolis judge heard arguments on whether to release police body cam footage.

The judge also reversed his decision to impose a gag order on the proceedings.

CGTN's Dan Williams reports.
Several Minneapolis Police Department officers have decided to leave their jobs in the aftermath of George Floyd's death. They also cite a lack of support from the department.

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