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Associated Press 30 Nov 2020

Timelapse video of Christmas tree in Vatican


Timelapse video of Christmas tree in Vatican

So you've bought a Christmas tree, and now you have to figure out how to get it home. For those that live in the suburbs, it's typical to tie it to the roof of the car and drive home. Forty-four percent of Americans who plan to buy a Christmas tree use unsafe methods to get it back to their house. AAA's Shani Jarvis gave us some tips on how to avoid dangerous mishaps that could leave your tree ruined, or worse - cause a car accident. Make sure to load the tree with the trunk facing forward!
President Reagan and First Lady Nancy Reagan light the White House Christmas Tree surrounded by children in 1981.
Workers put up the Vatican Christmas Tree in the early hours of Monday, November 30, in St. Peter's Square.

The tree is a 30-meter-high red spruce that weighs seven tons and was provided by the city of Kočevje in Slovenia.

The tree will be accompanied by the nativity scene, which is being provided by the town of Castelli.

The nativity scene will include ceramic statues and the full display will be inaugurated on December 11.

On the day of the lighting ceremony a delegation from Castelli and Kočevje will meet Pope Francis. (AP)
Nurses in the intensive care unit of Quebec City's Hôpital de l'Enfant-Jésus agreed to wear body cameras and share the video with Radio-Canada. 


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