NewsNet 17 Nov 2020

Tighter restrictions across U.S. amid yet another COVID surge


Coast to coast COVID cases are spiking and so too are the number of states tightening restrictions on businesses and gatherings.

The world has recorded more than half-a-million new coronavirus infections in a day - marking a new threshold in the worsening pandemic.
But its rapidly rising infection rates that have forced several European governments to take drastic action.
The Spanish region of Catalonia is shutting its borders for 15 days, while Germany has announced a new monthlong lockdown from next week.
Tighter restrictions have also now come into force in France.
Al Jazeera's Natacha Butler reports from Paris.
Coronavirus cases are spiking across Europe, forcing some countries to impose new lockdowns and other restrictions. Simon Bates takes a closer look on this weekend's edition of "London Calling."
France is looking to tighten coronavirus restrictions, with further limits on social gatherings likely on the table. Simon Clarke, microbiologist at the University of Reading, says the aim is to reduce interpersonal interactions that the virus requires to be transmitted.
Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot says the city could see 1,000 more residents die from COVID by the end of the year without new restrictions. (Nov. 12)

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