Euronews 9 Jan 2021

Three dead and six missing after avalanche hits Russian Arctic ski resort


The four found so far are believed to be the ski lift director and his family. There are six others still missing.

At least 400 students are missing after an attack on a boys school in Nigeria. Sailors were able to safely escape after an oil tanker near a port in Saudi Arabia was hit with an explosion. Indonesian police say they've arrested one of the most senior Al Qaeda-linked militants in the country. And Australia is facing cyclone-like storm damage. CBS News foreign correspondent Ian Lee joins "CBSN AM" with today's global headlines.
Hundreds of #Nigerian #students are missing after gunmen attacked a secondary school in the country's northwestern Katsina state, police said, while the president said the military was in #gunfights with bandits in a forest as it tried to find the students.
Parents in northern Nigeria are desperately waiting for information about their sons after an attack on a boarding school on Friday; more than 300 boys are reported missing.
Nigeria's defence ministry says the whereabouts of the so-called bandits are known, and the military is trying to bring the boys back home safely. But there's anger that the abduction happened at all.
Some of the boys who escaped spoke about their ordeal.

Al Jazeera's Barbara Angopa reports.
Security has been bolstered around the US Capitol, following serious concern over a breach that led to a mob of Donald Trump supporters storming the building earlier this week. More than 6,000 National Guard troops will be in Washington DC, where a state of emergency has been declared until the day after Joe Biden's inauguration later this month. Meanwhile, authorities have announced new arrests and charges, and the FBI has appealed to the public to help bring more rioters to justice. And Twitter has become the latest social media giant to lock Trump out - permanently banning the president from the platform, citing the risk of further incitement of violence.The violent scenes of a few days ago have made way for this: a state of emergency, an unscalable fence, and more than six thousand National Guard troops. Stricter security measures are due to remain in place until after Joe Biden's inauguration this month.DC Residents, meanwhile, are still coming to terms with Wednesday's riot. Dozens of those who stormed the Capitol have now been arrested, with more arrests expected in the coming days. The FBI has appealed to the public to help bring more rioters to justice.House Democrats are pressing ahead with an article of impeachment on Monday, a move which would make Donald Trump the first ever President to be impeached twice. It could also mean that Trump would be unable to run for public office in future. It's a move that has received support from some Republicans, but critics say their turn against Trump has come too late. As for President Trump, he's now been banned from Twitter as well as other social media platforms, who're quoting concerns over inciting further violence. Tech giants and members of Trump's own party may now also be turning against him, but across the country, there's still no shortage of people who support the outgoing president.

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