Forbes 29 Jan 2020

This Tech Startup Knows Your Car's Problems And What It Will Cost


John Gattuso, along with cofounders and fellow 30 Under 30 honorees Frederick Grimm and Julian Knight, were seniors at Georgia Institute of Technology when they started FIXD, a diagnostic screening app for your car. FIXD was born from a desire to help their less car-savvy friends and family deal with car issues and avoid getting taken for a ride by mechanics. The trio launched the business on Kickstarter in 2014 with a campaign that raised $37,000, and it has since grown exponentially.

Dr. Emily Gurley, an infectious disease epidemiologist, explains contact tracing and how it's done.

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MLB Safe at Home welcomes Hank Azaria to the show. He talks about the inspirations for the character Jim Brockmire and details the misery that is being a Mets fan.
Can Bluetooth tech really get us back to some resemblance of a normal life? Bridget Carey explains the big challenges around contact tracing apps and what it will take for the apps to make a difference.
As part of a series of special programmes on life after the pandemic, experts discuss how the economy and working life will change.

Will working from home now be the new normal, and what will be the implications of that? What has this period done for our value of key workers and the NHS?

Nobel Prize-winning economist Professor Joseph Stiglitz, former chief executive of BP Lord Browne, economist Stephanie Kelton and US coronavirus task force member Stephen Moore field questions from audience members around the world.

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