CNN 13 Nov 2020

This is how China reacted to the mass resignation of Hong Kong pro-democracy lawmakers


CNN's Ivan Watson reports on how the Chinese government reacted to the mass resignation of pro-democracy lawmakers in Hong Kong after the expulsion of four of their colleagues following a resolution passed by Beijing that gives local authorities broad new powers to quash dissent.

The Taliban is calling on President-elect Joe Biden to stick with a February agreement to withdraw U.S. troops from Afghanistan. Meanwhile, Hong Kong's pro-democracy lawmakers have all resigned in a show of defiance after four politicians were expelled from the government, and Sudan is bracing for up to 200,000 refugees to pour into the country while trying to escape deadly violence in neighboring Ethiopia. CBS News' Rylee Carlson has the headlines from London.
The entirety of Hong Kong's elected pro-democracy opposition announced its resignation in protest over the expulsion of four lawmakers. The dramatic move comes after Beijing passed a resolution giving local authorities broad new powers to quash dissent, likely signaling the end of political opposition in the city.
We follow Oscar, a journalist at the tabloid, who in the shadow of China's controversial national security law continues to report on - now largely silenced - street protests. When the law came into force three months ago, Apple Daily was raided by police: journalists' desks were searched and its founder was taken away in handcuffs. But journalists at the paper are still working, fighting to tell the people of Hong Kong's story. 
Protests in Belarus have been going on for 2 months following a presidential election that is widely considered to be rigged. With no sign of demonstrations slowing down, a group of performers are bringing the power of song to the front lines of the fight. CBS News correspondent Chris Livesay reports.

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