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Inside Edition 27 Jun 2019

This Alligator Just Wants to Cuddle You


Imagine encountering this wild beast out for a stroll. Joie Henney of York, Pennsylvania, takes his pet alligator, Wally, everywhere with him. The 5-foot-long gator with 83 razor-sharp teeth is his emotional support animal. Henney says Wally's cuddles have helped him through depression. He's so gentle that Henney actually takes him to a day care center. Back home, the 35-pound gator has free rein of the house, where he loves watching TV and even has his own pool.

Rachel Bovard, Senior Director of Policy at the Conservative Partnership Institute, discusses China's grasp on essential technology to schools and businesses amid social distancing, like the video conference app Zoom, and why this is a problem for national security.
Pass rusher and top prospect Chase Young joins Get Up and says he is the best player in the 2020 NFL Draft, learned a lot from Nick Bosa with the Ohio State Buckeyes and that he wants to sack Baltimore Ravens QB Lamar Jackson the most in the NFL.
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Questions have been raised about social distancing guidelines, and whether staying six feet apart is really enough to protect ourselves. This comes after an M.I.T. professor said that sneezes and coughs can travel as far as 27 feet. On "Good Morning America," the Surgeon General said all Americans may soon be advised to wear a face mask - in contrast to what he said just last month. Plus, Deborah Norville shows you how to make your own mask at home.
Stephen A. Smith and Max Kellerman debate who they want lightweight champion Justin Gaethje to fight next after defeating Tony Ferguson in UFC 249.
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