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Inside Edition 27 Jun 2019

This Alligator Just Wants to Cuddle You


Imagine encountering this wild beast out for a stroll. Joie Henney of York, Pennsylvania, takes his pet alligator, Wally, everywhere with him. The 5-foot-long gator with 83 razor-sharp teeth is his emotional support animal. Henney says Wally's cuddles have helped him through depression. He's so gentle that Henney actually takes him to a day care center. Back home, the 35-pound gator has free rein of the house, where he loves watching TV and even has his own pool.

Pence announces a moonshot - to the moon - and it seems like he just really wants to go back to the last time we did that.
An emu just wanted to be pals with an Australian cyclist. The emu is known in the area for being super friendly.

#Emu #Australia #Wildlife #Animals #ABCNews
Front founder and 30 Under 30 alumna Mathilde Collin is not your typical entrepreneur. As a French woman, she brings qualities to her leadership that American founders lack, and because of that her company is thriving.
Millions use Zelle to quickly send and receive funds through many major banks, but an NBC News Investigation found it can also make it easy for scammers to hack into your account.

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