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Washington Post 26 Apr 2019

Things you might have missed from Taylor Swift's 'ME!'


Singer Taylor Swift debuted a music video for her new song, "ME!," at midnight on April 26. Here are some of the highlights.

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-After weeks of stoking anticipation on Instagram,
Taylor Swift released a music video for "ME!"
The video begins with a snake
slithering along a rainbow-colored road.
This refers to when Kim Kardashian called Swift
a snake way back in 2016 --
something Swift fully embraced on her last album, "Reputation."
The snake eventually bursts into a cloud of butterflies,
symbolizing rebirth and a fresh start.
Swift then fights, in French,
with her "husband," Brendon Urie of Panic at the Disco.
Note the Christmas tree in the lavish Parisian apartment.
Swift did in fact grow up
on a Christmas tree farm in Pennsylvania.
Sitting on the couch are the couple's "young daughters,"
AKA Swift's cats.
Fast-forward to Swift leaving the building.
Note the pink foam floating in the clouds.
Looks like Swift could finally come to the phone.
Guess she isn't dead after all,
despite declaring so in "Look What You Made Me Do."
-'Cause she's dead.
♪ Oh ♪
-Among a wall of portraits of chicks,
we spotted three famous ones.
Yes, that's The Dixie Chicks, one of Swift's favorite groups,
who have also gone a while without releasing new music.
Before we know it, we're outside,
dancing in the street with pantsuits.
Swift has famously refused to discuss politics,
but that changed during the 2018 midterms,
when she endorsed two Democrats.
Could the pantsuits be a nod to the Hillary Clinton
flash mobs from the 2016 election?
♪ So just dance, dance, dance ♪
You may also notice that she's surrounded
by seven briefcases here --
fitting, since her next album would be her seventh.
Now let's talk about those flying umbrellas,
an obvious nod to the colorful, whimsical world of Mary Poppins.
And this scene is reminiscent of "The Wizard of Oz."
Swift reminds us how much she loves to incorporate
spelling and the spoken word into her songs.
♪ Just think, while you've been getting down and out ♪
♪ about the liars and the dirty, ♪
♪ dirty cheats of the world, ♪
♪ you could have been getting down to this sick beat ♪
The video wraps with a scene in the rain -- a reference
Swift makes often in her lyrics and music videos.
♪ 'Cause I know that it's delicate ♪
♪ Delicate 'Cause I like ♪
♪ Is it cool that I said all that ♪
♪ Is it chill that ♪

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