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Inside Edition 25 Jul 2019

These Cuddly Cows Want to Help You Relax


Bella and Bonnie are sweet cows who call Mountain Horse Farm in upstate New York home. They love to eat and play, and several times per week, they help visitors relax by cuddling with them. Koe knuffelen is a Dutch tradition that helps people de-stress, according to the farm's founder, Suzanne Vullers. "When they chew their cud, they lay down and become really quiet, and that creates a perfect opportunity to connect with them and to be with them," Vullers told

These armed citizens wear military-style uniforms, surround migrants with rifles and issue commands to stop and sit. The armed groups believe they are helping to enforce immigration laws along the southern border.
Virtual reality or VR is no longer just for entertainment. It is starting to appear in some children's hospitals as an experimental tool to help young patients through terrifying and painful experiences. One hospital near San Francisco uses VR as a part of its regular clinical care for children six years and older, in part because of the size of the VR headset. VOA's Elizabeth Lee has the details on how VR is helping young patients.
Donna Finlayson-Doran lost touch with her family in the Bahamas as the islands were battered by Hurricane Dorian.
Not everyone can afford a personal trainer. That's where these fitness apps come in. USA TODAY reporter Dalvin Brown puts them to the test.

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