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Al Jazeera 13 Aug 2019

The Yemenis living in graveyards as battle rages


Civilians who have fled Yemen's war-torn west coast are living in poverty with little hope of finding a decent home or job.
Aid is in short supply as Houthi fighters and the Saudi-UAE-led coalition forces continue to battle.
Al Jazeera's Mohamed Alatab has been following the struggle of a number of families across the country.

UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres is calling for a ceasefire as the battle for Tripoli rages on. Rival forces are locked in a fierce fight for control of the capital. Is Libya on the verge of a full-blown civil war? To discuss, CGTN's Nathan King has Emad Badi, a counter-terrorism non-resident scholar at the Middle East Institute and Anas El GomatI, director of the Sadeq Institute, Libya's first think tank on the panel.
Political instability in Libya following fighting between rival groups. There are growing calls for a truce from the international community. Tripoli's only functioning airport is caught in the conflict, as thousands of civilians flee. CGTN's Adel Mahrouky explains the developments from Cairo.
The iconic weapon from a galaxy far, far away now has the same status as the foil, épée and sabre.…
Senator Cory Booker, resident of Newark, N.J., spoke at the We The People Membership Summit and said that he's "proud" to be the only 2020 candidate living in an inner city that has a median income below the poverty line.

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