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The Guardian 29 Apr 2020

The Tudor hotel sheltering the homeless from Covid-19


When councils were instructed to provide accommodation for their homeless population to protect them from coronavirus, Mike Matthews, owner of the Prince Rupert hotel in Shrewsbury, was one of the first to step in. The decision was part business decision to save his hotel, part philanthropy to help homeless people he admits he usually ignored. The new residents, including a former employee, feel it has given them some dignity back and offered them a rare feeling of family and safety. They also know this cannot be a permanent change to their lives, so what happens next?

Leading U.S. doctors' organizations are urging the Trump administration to collect data to show who is dying from COVID-19. Data collected so far shows that the coronavirus is killing African-Americans at an alarmingly higher rate than it's killing white people. More from VOA's Carol Pearson.
The UK pays tribute to key workers who have died from COVID-19
Scores of patients suffering from COVID-19 overcrowd the Severo Ochoa hospital in Madrid. A walk through its packed wards and corridors shows how desperate the situation is.
President Donald Trump says the United States must prepare for a "very tough two weeks," as health officials warn that up to 240,000 Americans could die from COVID-19. 


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