National Geographic
National Geographic 29 Aug 2020

The Spirit of Takumi


The Takumi is a master of their craft and has dedicated themselves to it completely. Like a Takumi, becoming a photographer takes years of dedication and a passion for visual storytelling.

A peek into letters sent to #Santa's post office in France show the #coronavirus pandemic has taken a toll on the #Christmas spirit of #children. This year they also sent face masks, well-wishes and even instructions for Santa to deliver presents in respect of health recommendations.
Football legend Diego Maradona has been buried in a private ceremony after fans lined the streets of Buenos Aires to see his hearse.

Only around two dozen relatives and close friends attended the final ceremony, but earlier huge crowds turned out to pay their respects.

Many wept, blew kisses and prayed as they filed past his coffin.
As part of an Unreported Europe episode focusing on the survivors of Ireland's child sex abuse scandal at the hands of Catholic priests, Euronews speaks to former police officer Martin Ridge about the huge difficulties he faced to try to help the victims.
Aurel Braun, Professor of International Relations and Political Science at the University of Toronto, talked about Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi's visit to the Republic of Korea.

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