Newsy 31 Dec 2019

The Newseum permanently closes after 11 years


Since 2008, the Newseum showcased a history of the press. But the "news" museum will be closing its doors after years of financial struggles.

Bob Weighton has been named as the world's oldest man this week. But the 111-year-old didn't have much advice for longevity.
US signs peace deal with Afghanistan's Taliban after 18 years of war…
112-year-old Chitetsu Watanabe says smiling is his secret to long life. He was certified by Guinness World Records on Wednesday as the world's oldest living man.
On Monday, former president Obama commemorated the 11th anniversary of the $800 billion stimulus, yet President Trump fired back on Twitter saying it was a 'con job.' Aired on 2/18/2020.

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