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The Guardian 20 May 2020

The new normal of coronavirus: learning to love Piers Morgan


What do we want life after lockdown to look like? As part of a new series, A New Normal, Guardian journalist Iman Amrani asks viewers what their hopes are for the future. While there are a lot of uncertainties and anxiety looking beyond Covid-19, there is also an opportunity to reshape the world we live in, from the environment, to working practices, to relationships. In this first episode, Iman asks who the most reassuring voices have been during this time, from Jacinda Ardern and the Queen to Piers Morgan, and what this might mean looking ahead

Florida's daily death toll hit the state's highest on Tuesday after businesses began reopening just several days. How is the state handling the new normal after reopening?
Some book stores opened again in Italy this week following two months of lockdown - but there are still strict measures in place to prevent the spreading of coronavirus…
The numbers are still rising. Close to two million people have been infected with the coronavirus around the world and almost 120,000 people have died.

But the number of infections is slowing down. Italy,the epicenter of the pandemic last month, is starting to ease restrictions, along with Spain, another country which saw more than 17,000 deaths. Here in America, states including New York, are discussing the relaxation of the social distancing guidelines.  

The forced isolation, considered crucial to stopping the virus, along with high unemployment and shut down businesses, is bringing the U.S. economy to a grinding halt but also causing mental health issues. We spoke with therapist Kathryn Smerling and asked about the psychological effect of quarantine.
Jayne Fonash, president of the National Associate for College Admission Counseling, discussed the current state of college admissions for high school seniors.

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