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National Geographic 20 Dec 2020

The History of Opioids


Fentanyl was first created in Belgium in 1960 and was designed for use in surgery and to treat those in severe pain. However, since then it has become one of the deadliest opioids in America.

Prof Allan Lichtman, who's predicted the outcome to decades of elections in the Untied States, is scathing about Trump actions.

He correctly assessed that Donald Trump's presidential campaign would crumble under the weight of his 'thirteen keys'.
In two runoff races, Georgia's voters will decide which political party will gain control of the Senate. Professor Danielle Phillips-Cunningham, who is a Multicultural Women's and Gender Studies Program Director at Texas Woman's University, breaks down the history of Black women organizing in Georgia, their political influence in the state and how minority students seeking a college degree are being impacted by the pandemic.
Vlad Tepes, also known as Vlad the Impaler, and even more infamously known as Dracula defended Romania against the Ottoman Empire in some of the most horrific ways imaginable. His hatred and desire for revenge left lasting effects on the world and in popular culture. What are the facts that inspired the fiction?
Although there were far fewer Christmas parties this year due to COVID-19, people still broke out their ugly sweaters. One America's Morgan Schmidt explains how the tradition began.

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