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Newsmax TV 21 May 2020

The future of music, sports: Ted Nugent and Bob Nightengale on reopening events


Longtime musician and performer Ted Nugent and USA TODAY Sports MLB columnist Bob Nightengale comment exclusively on the new procedures that will be taken into account for concerts, sporting events and beyond for 2020, 2021, and years to come in a post-COVID-19 world. - with Newsmax TV's Chris Salcedo

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Formula 1 team bosses have met to discuss ways of protecting the sport from financial problems caused by the coronavirus, with a reduction of the budget cap under consideration.
Williams became the third F1 team to put their staff on enforced leave until the end of May, while the team's drivers and executives have to take a 20 percent pay cut. The decision by Williams follows similar moves from McLaren and Racing Point. Eight races of the F1 season have already been cancelled due to the pandemic. We spoke to former Formula 1 world champion Nico Rosberg. He says rescuing the season will require creativity - without forgetting the needs of smaller teams on the circuit.
Stephen A. Smith, Max Kellerman and Marcus Spears express their concerns for the future of sports amidst the coronavirus pandemic.

How did Walt Disney delight generations of children and adults with his stories? What is the future of movies, TV and homemade content in this digital era? How is the coronavirus changing art and Hollywood? Jeffrey Katzenberg, the renowned film producer and former Dreamworks CEO and Walt Disney Studios chairman, tackles those questions and many more in this in-depth interview with MSNBC's Ari Melber. Katzenberg, who reinvigorated Disney with a series of classics like The Lion King, Aladdin and The Little Mermaid, discusses his new company Quibi, which focuses on shorter videos for mobile viewing, and argues it offers the best possible business and copyright deal for creators. Melber also asks Katzenberg, known as a "kingmaker" in Democratic politics and an ally of former Pres. Obama, about his potential involvement in the 2020 election. (The interview was filmed remotely in April 2020, during the coronavirus pandemic). Aired on 4/21/2020.
Krystal and Saagar discuss the Call Her Daddy podcast saga and use their story to predict the future of independent media.

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