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National Geographic 22 Aug 2020

The Emotional Journey of Photos


Beth Mancuso, one of the Nat Geo YourShot Instagram photography contest finalists, shares how photography is like therapy for her.

The journey of Resilience to the space station, the next ocean-observing satellite, and an update on a critical rocket test series for our Artemis missions … a few of the stories to tell you about - This Week at NASA!

Download link: Journey of Resilience to The Space Station on This Week @NASA - November 21 2020/The Journey of Resilience to The Space Station on This Week @NASA - November 21 2020~orig.mp4

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The KJZ crew weighs in on the critical timing of Klay Thompson's injury for the Golden State Warriors.

Staff at a care home which lost a quarter of its residents to coronavirus have told Sky News that they felt tired, scared and helpless as the pandemic spread.

And they had seen nothing like it in 30 years of caring for elderly people.

There were almost 30,000 excess deaths in care homes in England and Wales during the first wave of the pandemic -- and the numbers have been rising again.
The Jump's Rachel Nichols, Zach Lowe, Paul Pierce and Vince Carter discuss the on and off the court implications of Golden State Warriors trading for Kelly Oubre Jr. after Klay Thompson suffered a season-ending injury.

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